Colour Challenge

There are times when too much colour co-ordination is too much of a good thing. Over the years I grew tired of seeing lovely colour combinations and knowing that there was no way I could introduce them into my home without it becoming a mix-up. When it was time to change our bathroom and kitchen recently, it was my cue to put my plan for a home with a neutral base into action, ready for all the colour I could bring in to liven it all up. Well, that was the idea we signed up to. Now we have less of a neutral base and more of a blank canvas. We have left pale blue and yellow bedrooms (they were pretty at the time) and honey pine furniture behind to get to this:

Yes, now after coat after coat of primer and paint we are all white - even the furniture (for I couldn't decide what neutral shade would work out best) with natural oak flooring. I love it. It is very calming. It is clearly also missing something.

There are spots of colour here and there. Depending on how you look at it, my Shetland Shade Card blanket can be enough colour at times. We have an oil painting we bought from a street artist in Sorrento because it captured the amazing view of the harbours and dramatic coastline. Mum was given the embroidered cushion by our Ukrainian neighbour almost 30 years ago when we lived in England. She carried the patterns in her head and worked from the picture she had in her mind. The colours are so full of energy and vivid:

I have a newly designated creative place (it used to be our 'work at home' office space). I am not sure what it says about my current creative energy:

Despite this I struggle to choose colour properly. In my mind's eye I think I know how I would like the rooms to look, but despite that I shy away from adding in colour in case I get it wrong.  I know I am at risk of overthinking and should just get on with it, so I have sought literary advice. Hopefully I will be informed and motivated by these super books - all very different but equally inspiring. I will post what I learn and how I put it into practice as I try to be less colour challenged!

Do you have any advice? What has worked for you? Should I embrace the neutral or step out into the colour?

Have a lovely Easter!


Beata said…
Hi Pauline,
just found you through byw.
I understand what you are going through. When we moved here and I had to decide about colours I picked 2 and started to decorate with those. (lime and brown) When I was ready I looked around and didn't like it. But it took me a few years to get brave and change it. I think what you could do, have a look at those beautiful books, pinterest, blogs, etc, and find some photos you like. And try to imagine those colours in the photos, how they would look in your home. : )
Beata x
Thanks for featuring my blog on Blog Boss. I hope you liked Holly's course.
Have a lovely weekend!