Saturday, 16 June 2007

Dinner with Birch

Last week I had a chance to take my new Birch shawl to dinner. It was quite an affair, hosted by the Royal College of Nursing, to bestow the 'Nurse of the Year' awards for Northern Ireland. One of our student nurses was awarded joint 'Student Nurse of the Year' so we were really proud of her.

And for the full effect:

I have had a love/hate relationship with Kidsilk Haze. It often takes me several attempts at casting on to start knitting an item and I am left struggling with a twisted, fluffy one or two row strip that has to be consigned to the bin. This may explain why I tend to run short of yarn with my KSH projects! Once I get going however, things seem to settle. The main project I have knitted with KSH has been 'Dew' by Kim Hargreaves. Her kits are so beautifully presented it really is like receiving a gift you have sent to yourself!

The colour is 'Dewberry' - familiar to many of you, I am sure, so apologies in advance for decimating the actual shade in my photo taking!

I have no further progress to report on the fishy squares - no knitting needles have been in my hands for the past week. However, I spent last Saturday at a machine applique workshop which was a new venture for me - but not a replacement for knitting (!) - too stressful getting all the pieces to line up! Pictures to follow.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Fishy business

I've made some progress on the squares for my 'Fish' throw. Cotton Glace is a real treat to knit with, I love it!

Each square is knitted and then cast off as normal. Stitches for the next square are then picked up and knitting continues with the new pattern. This cuts down on the amount of sewing required to finish at the end. There will be seven strips, nine squares long - so there is a bit to go yet.

These are some of my favourites so far:

This square is supposed to represent seaweed floating in the water.

This is called 'Ripple' and requires the threading on to yarn of 140 beads in a particular colour sequence. It takes ages, but once you get going the knitting is quick enough.

This is one I love - once 153 sequins are threaded on. The pattern calls for turquoise opague plastic sequins, but mine are mettalic - if makes them look more like fish scales, which is the desired effect.

This is called 'Sun, surf and sea'. Debbie has done a super job of writing her coloured stripe patterns, as the next colour you need is generally at the end of the row when you get there, so you don't have to track it up the side of the knitting.

This is the square I least enjoy knitting. I think I had to rip it out four times before I thought it was acceptable looking. I will have to try to work on my technique a bit more, but with another 17 of them to do, hopefully I will be happier by the end!

I will leave you with a picture of last night's sunset. I thought it was pretty.