'Blogs That Rock'

I didn’t realise this week’s homework for the Blogging Your Way course to chose 8 'blogs that rock' would be so challenging – there are so many blogs out there that I admire. My choice was ultimately dictated by how each blogger or group of bloggers had a unique voice and enabled their readers to identify with the posts they create. I suppose I went with my heart and how reading their posts inspired me or altered my train of thinking at the time. The effect of their inspiration always lasts longer than the time spent reading their blogs – often I find myself contemplating a topic they have discussed as I go through the day. So, in no particular order, for that would be impossible:

1.       Attic 24 – I love the colour and enthusiasm Lucy brings to her posts and how each one is a continuation of the conversation you had with her in the previous post. Her blog is bright and cheerful, her photos capture the tone of what she is writing about and you always leave with a deeper appreciation of the joy that comes from being creative.

2.       Needled – I have followed Kate’s blog for a while and have been very influenced by her story and how she has channelled her creativity to achieve great things which are appreciated by knitters all over the world. I can identify with her love of the Shetland Islands and enjoy benefitting from the in depth research and attention to detail that goes into all her designs and her writing. Her blog is beautifully designed and allows her work to shine through.

3.       Yarnstorm – this was one of the first blogs I read and Jane captured my imagination and encouraged me to revisit creativity in yarn and fabric – something I had enjoyed years ago. I appreciate the range of topics that she covers – knitting, crochet, quilting, baking, gardening, reading and travel. All these diverse topics are woven into a dialogue that invites the reader into enjoy the experience too.

4.       Posy Gets Cosy – Alicia has a unique style that is beautiful and original and her photos are amazing – a real reflection of her lifestyle and home. She manages to blend blogging about her work (which it is clear that she loves) and her family life in a way that seems to illustrate her personality. I like the layout of her blog and how she presents the photos at the top of her posts followed by her writing.

5.       Tea and Woolly Socks – I love the authenticity of Tina’s blog and the way she writes about the things she designs and creates. She integrates her lifestyle and her faith into her writing and has been an inspiration to me on many occasions. Her posts are always fresh and you always leave with encouragement to accompany you for the day.

6.       The Purl Bee – this blog is linked to a beautiful yarn and fabric store in NYC. I find the design and layout inspires me to see my crafts in a fresh light. The photos and designs are mouth-watering and despite the posts being created by different members of the team, each one is consistent and helps to underline the ethos and style of the brand that is Purl.

Now I feel I have cheated by including more than 2 blogs that I have found by exploring the work of my fellow students on the e-course. I honestly found it too hard to choose only 2, so have extended my homework to include 4 blogs that I have found interesting and beautiful to look at. I tried to restrict myself to making a decision based on reading only the first page to the bottom and resisting the urge to go into the archives just now, but I will follow them back in due course.

7.       Anknel and Burblets – this blog has a lovely layout and design accompanied by beautiful photography that illustrates the story being told in each post. Charlotte composes each post in an engaging way that draws the reader in to what is being described and it is no surprise to find that someone with such a gift is a writer.

8.       Cool – Sally has created a blog that is very personal and contains her reflections about how she applies her faith to her everyday life. As a reader I have found this both inspiring and challenging – both ingredients that motivate return visits. The design and layout of the blog is visually interesting and is done is a way that focuses the reader’s attention to the content of her writing.

9.       Of spring and summer – this is a lovely floral blog, created by Ingrid and used to showcase inspirational advice on arranging flowers of all kinds. She integrates beautiful photographs with her writing and is producing a fresh and colourful blog – just like the flowers she enjoys uses as her subject matter.

10.   Paper Peony – Cathy’s blog is has a gorgeous design and layout – everything is beautifully co-ordinated and really communicates the attention to detail that must be in her work. Her ideas are inspirational and are supplemented by photos and a style of writing that engars the reader in what she has to say.
So many inspiring creative and thoughtful people out there!

Have a lovely weekend...


I adore Cathy and her beautiful blog. I will check out some of your other favourites xx
sally weiler said…
Thank you so much for saying such kind things about my blog. I'm thrilled that you like it.
sally weiler said…
Thank you so much for saying such kind things about my blog. I'm thrilled that you like it.