To blog or not to blog?

Having spent considerable amounts of time reading other knitter's blogs over the past couple of years, I have finally plucked up enough courage to have one of my own. I think Polly's blog was the first one I read and as a result I was introduced to many other fascinating knitters. Courage is maybe not the right word to use as I am not sure that I will have such interesting crafty exploits as many of my favourite bloggers. Based on the idea that I have to start somewhere - here goes!

Since fifty percent of my DNA comes from the Shetland Isles in the form of a wonderful mother who can produce super fair isle knitting, it shouldn't surprise me that I was taught to knit around the time I learnt to read. However, we are very different knitters. Mum works best without a pattern - as long as she can visualise (either literally or in her mind's eye) the finished object. On the other hand, I need a pattern - really need a pattern. There are many times that I wish I could be creative, but have still to develop a link between my mind and my needles without lots of printed pattern in between.

After lots of knitting in my teenage years, I deserted into the realm of cross-stitch for a while until a holiday in Shetland and a visit to what I now call a 'real' yarn store reminded me of what I was missing and introduced me to Rowan. Of course I had to become a member as soon as I got home and the rest, as they say, is history. From the forums I was introduced to a whole new concept of knitting and craftsmanship that has really added another dimension to my spare time!

It may take some time to get used to blogging, I have already had problems trying to get pictures uploaded, so please bear with me!