All's well that casts off (with enough yarn)

This wasn't a good time of year to start blogging, I think. I have a growing pile of assignments to mark and lots of preparation for summer teaching to get underway (no long break for us nursing lecturers, unfortunately!). Yet I still want to knit and talk about knitting in preference to working. I need some discipline.

I have just finished knitting Birch from Rowan 34. It started when I needed to buy an extra ball of Kidsilk Night to cast off about 100 stitches of the Froth scarf that was the free gift pattern from Rowan a few months ago. I was knitting it a second time for a gift.

I was left with almost a full ball and thought it would be a good idea to buy 2 more and cast on for Birch (which I had always fancied knitting). After getting one third of the way through the shawl I had only one ball left:

So off I went to buy another ball of yarn to complete the last few pattern repeats. Now I have about 3/4 of a ball left. Am I the only one who would find that frustrating? After all I was only trying not to waste yarn in the first place! I do, however, love my shawl. It is larger than I had imagined when blocked out to the proportions stated in the pattern. Now I only need somewhere to go and something glamorous to wear with it!

Time for a bit of colour - this is what is next for the needles:

Anyone guess what it is?


Theresa said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you started one as you have some beautiful knitting. That Lisette is gorgeous! I'll have to come back and see what those colorful balls are going to be because I have no idea!
yvette said…
No idea what your next project is going to be but it looks very pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.
DaviMack said…
If you don't already do so, I'd suggest making hats to consume those 3/4 balls of yarn. Baby hats, if you're worried about running out, or adult hats if not. It's what I do, and I can mostly use up the ends that way.

Welcome to the blogosphere. Found you by a comment you made on Twelfth Knit.
Kathleen said…
Your Froth looks lovely. I knitted this edged with Kid Silk Spray as an edging, as opposed to KS Night as you say. The finished result is quite similar I suppose.
If you're interested you can find the post on my blog on Jan 3

Bad luck on trying to get the most of your yarn and then ending up with extras, that would frustrate me too if I was trying to be sensible and use up bits. You're kind of back where you started.