A plus quilt for Ruby...

If someone had told me this time last year that I would not only sew but hand-quilt a quilt for a dog I would have laughed long and hard. So it is almost inevitable for me to report now that not only does Ruby have a corner of sofa for herself, she also has a quilt for herself. Fleece blankets are great for cover ups and quick washing and drying, but not so good when using a lint roller to remove stray springer hair! So I had the great idea to make a quilt, as the smooth cotton makes for easy maintenance between washings.

After the complexities of the disappearing nine-patch quilt, I was determined to use simple piecing in a way that would result hopefully result in a pretty quilt. I chose the 'plus' layout - once I understood the principles of the layout (from Pinterest pictures!), the sewing was fairly straightforward.

I decided to hand-quilt again, but this time with finer hand quilting cotton which works fine. It took a few evenings, but, again, I think it was worth it - others think I was mad. I think Ruby does appreciate the extra effort.

I found a navy single duvet cover reduced in the sale which was perfect for the backing. I used only half and supplemented it by adding in a couple of pieced strips for interest, binding it with a classic stripe. Lesson learned: hand quilting a high thread count sheet is not a bundle of laughs - I had many punctured finger tips.

Now we all have a cosy corner on the sofa to relax in! Happiness all round...