A Year in Stitches - Part 2

A different kind of stitch for me now ... in September I started going to a weekly patchwork class and have opened the door to a whole new area of creativity! When is enough really enough? Can I manage to juggle yarn and fabric? So far so good anyway!

Above: my first attempt and completed Christmas lap quilt ... I'm really proud of it!
Below: back to using up leftovers again ... some table mats for stocking fillers ...

Below: table runners sewn using the 'stitch and flip' method - I love it - it's the patchwork equivalent of garter stitch for knitters ... again these were gifts for some special people.

I'm working on a single bed sized quilt using up some Liberty Lawn fabric I bought the last time I was in London - it's very simple as I didn't want to waste any fabric in seam allowances. Photos to come...

Thanks for visiting my poor neglected blog!
Wishing you a very happy New Year and a 2015 full of peace and some space for creativity.