We visited London for the second ever time at Easter. I love the energy of the city and how the sense of history is combined with showcasing new and changing things to see. It feels to me the way the internet can feel - endless, everchanging and rushing on with more and more to see, never still. But it is a wonderful place for discoveries and experiences. We had a fantastic view from our hotel room:

Almost every day started here:

We walked and explored lots of fascinating places - Covent Garden, Camden Passage and St James (Piccadilly) markets, Fortnum and Mason's and the Burlington Arcade. And then we went from the subline to ...M&M World!


Seeing Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap made for a wonderful evening - and no, I can't tell you whodunnit!

We visited St Paul's Cathedral for the first time having visited Westminter Abbey last year. It is a very different place altogether. The mosaic ceilings are beautiful - a real sight to see. It is hard to imagine how much time and creativity went into the creation of such art. We climbed up to the very top of the dome of the cathedral for the most amazing bird's eye views of the city around us.
So for all the business and the hurry and bustle and the lovely out of the way corners that are to be found, all the contrasts that seem to make London what it is, we really love it and are looking forward to being able to visit again sometime...

I hope you've enjoyed a little look at London - what do you think of our capital city? Maybe you live there and know it too well, or maybe you would rather avoid it altogether? What is it that makes it what it is, in your eyes?


Beata said…
I love London, haven't been there for some years now, waiting for my little girl to get a bit bigger so that I can show her too. : )
I'm glad you had a nice time!
Beata x