It's done!

My Debbie Abraham's throw is finished and now I have the pictures to prove it!

And the 'texture shot' -

Now that it's completed, what do I think?

1. It was so worthwhile doing - only make sure that you chose a design that you love, yarn that is recommended and put your heart into it.

2. It is not just a throw - it's a unique, rewarding and inspiring work of art that represents the triumph of discipline over a quick result.

3. Allow almost as much time to make it up as to knit it. Take time picking up stitches and conquering mattress stitch - it's really worth it. Don't forgo the border either, it is the frame that sets the whole throw in context.

4. I am going to knit another one, but not just yet!


Diane said…
That is the most amazing think Ive ever seen knitted! Hopped over from Yarnstorm and love your blog xx